How To Get Into Cyber Security For Beginners (5 Must Know Tips)

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My FREE guide provides vital tips to help you understand what’s really required for a cyber security job. By appreciating what’s required and what cyber security really is, makes it a lot more easier to target your plans in getting into cyber security.

Understand the basics

Many people I speak to who want to get into cyber security, don’t seem to know or understand the basics about cyber security. This lack of knowledge can make it extremely difficult for them to get a job in cyber security, especially as they become clueless of what to aim for and what’s really required.

It’s almost like they are blindly pursuing a dream for which they don’t know the ins and outs except that cyber security is a popular buzz word and the jobs in cyber security pay top dollar. Cyber security seems to always be int he news and yes it does pay good salaries and rates. I can testify to that, as I’m paid well compared to the majority of other career options in information technology.

My guide was created to help these people get a deeper understanding, so they know what they need to understand to be able to pursue their dream. Helping them to use their time more wisely in understanding the value of some core tips I’ve come up with, my 5 Must Know Tips. Hopefully giving a roadmap to success which doesn’t waste time and energies by focusing on the ‘dead-ends’ that lead to nowhere.

I practice what I preach

I work in cyber security, so what I’ve documented in my FREE guide is real practical information from the field. I’m not some trainer trying to sell hypothetical courses about cyber security, I’m a real cyber security professional who deals with cyber security as part of my working life.

I also get involved in the hiring side of things for the organizations I work for, so I know what these organizations are looking for. Sometimes having to scour hundreds and hundreds of resumes (CVs) for candidates just to find good candidates. As most of these resumes (CVs) are very poor quality and don’t instil any confidence in me, these candidates know anything about cyber security or know very little.

It’s quite apparent these candidates have been given the wrong advice or worse still they’ve paid for the wrong advice and ended up not progressing into cyber security. Even those candidates who already work in Information Technology who want to move from their current role into cyber security end up making mistakes, that can limit their opportunities of breaking into cyber security.

Heads Up

My guide can give you a ‘heads up’ by giving you pointers that could help you save time and more importantly money in trying to get into cyber security. Ideally, you don’t want to end up wasting time progressing with something that you thought could get you into cyber security but doesn’t.

In any career field it’s always better to speak to someone who has experience of working in that field instead of relying on someone who thinks they know ‘what working in that field is like’. As you end up with the wrong information from people who know very little about a career field like cyber security instead of listening to people who actually know the ‘ins and outs’ of working in cyber security.

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